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Mt. Rushmore

              Inn at Mt. Rushmore Mt. Rushmore
              Fireworks, 2006
Mount Rushmore Fireworks on July 3, 2006. Mt. Rushmore no longer has fireworks displays. If you want to see fireworks nowadays, this picture will have to do.  (Photo courtesy of the South Dakota Department of Tourism.)

Mt. Rushmore National Monument

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Distance Entrance 1/4 mile, Visitor Center 2 miles
Time Needed: 2 or more hours
Best Time To Go: Visitor Information Center & Museum Open All Year except Christmas Day. Lighting program in evening during summer, starting times vary with sunset. Gift shop and snack bar hours vary with season. Monument is best viewed in the early morning or after dark. In summer avoid the 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. time slot as that is when most tour buses arrive.
Directions: US16A West; South Dakota Highway 244 west (the road to Mt. Rushmore).
Cost: Entrance is technically free but there is a charge for parking in the ramp. No parking, stopping or standing is allowed on the nearby roads, so unless you walk or bike in, you'll have to pay to park. The parking pass is valid for the calendar year in which it is issued.
Highlights: Evening Lighting Ceremony, Interpretive Center; Trail Walks, especially the Presidential Trail.
Mt. Rushmore is Open All Year.
Open All Year

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October 4, 2006
     Mt. Rushmore, officially known as the "Shrine of Democracy", is the premiere attraction in the Black Hills. This world-famous mountain sculpture was started in 1927 and continued until work was halted  in 1940. It remains "unfinished" to this day, but most of the 2.8 million visitors who come each year don't know that fact.
     The State of South Dakota maintains a web site about Mt. Rushmore at:
     The sculpture is best seen just after sunrise, however viewing is usually good throughout the morning hours. The monument should also be seen after dark, and the evening lighting program is especially popular during the summer months. Until September 1st, the lighting program starts at 9 p.m., thereafter it begins 8 p.m. At other times the lights are unceremoniously turned on only for the first two hours after sunset.
      Most visitors to Mt. Rushmore view the monument from atop the Grand Terrance. There are, however, quite a number of other things to see or do, including a hike around the Presidential Trail,  a visit to the Artist's Studio (summer only) and a visit to the Interpretive Center. There is also a gift shop, a restaurant and a park service visitor information booth at the monument. Finally, it is quite likely you will see white mountain goats (sheep really) on or around the monument because a sizable group lives there.
      Info: 605-574-2523. Web site: National Park Service, Mount Rushmore National Monument. Mail: Superintendent, Mount Rushmore, PO Box 268, Keystone, SD 57751.

     NOTE: There is no lodging facilities within the Mt. Rushmore boundaries. The nearest accommodations are in the Town of Keystone, two miles from the visitor center. The restaurant (a food court) and gift shop at Mt. Rushmore are operated under contract by Xantera Parks & Resorts. 
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