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    All of the information provided on these pages is offered completely free. We do not charge you to use this information and we do not charge anyone for placements. As a result we are able to offer unbiased opinions.

    Because this web site is not a "profit center" we give equal weight to both the free and the commercial attractions. We judge things by what we think is worth seeing. That's why some heavily advertised attraction might get only a paragraph while something you may never have heard about can get a full page.
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     Other web sites charge for listing or list only their members' sites. They will not tell you about interesting places like the Stratobowl, The Red Cloud Heritage Center, the free Custer County Courthouse Museum or the Ft. Meade Calvary Museum which do not pay them or belong to their organizations.

    Our lists are not complete. There are omissions -- a few, even intentional. If an attraction is a rip-off -- and yes, they exist -- we don't mention them here. Also, if we feel we don't know enough about something, we may leave it out or simply write one or two lines based on a brochure, then let you decide. We have been to or seen almost everything we write about -- often many times. For instance, our first tour of Wind Cave was in 1954; our most recent, in 2013. In 2006 we visited more than 50 sites and attractions listed here and some that are not.

     There are some things we intentionally do not list. The locations of ancient native American petrographs, fossil beds, fragile natural formations, numerous mine ruins, and ghost towns have been left out. These places, though immensely interesting, are by their nature fragile, often endangered, and of little or only passing interest to most Black Hills visitors. Many are also located on private land and not open to the public.  Finally we do not list other hotels or lodging or eating places.  Also we do not give our opinions of our competitors.
     Our hope, of course, is that if you find this information useful, you might consider staying with us at the Roosevelt Inn when you visit the Black Hills. That, after all, the only way we make money. But we think you'll agree, it's a soft sell. We put our name on each page but that's about it.

     We don't advertise much, a few small ads in publications is about all, and we NEVER use billboards. (They're abhorrent and their ugliness detracts from the beauty of the Black Hills.) So, in a way, this is much of what we do in terms of attracting guests. If you like that approach, we hope you'll remember us.
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