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A natural rock bridge in the Black HIlls
                of South Dakota

Special interests in the Black Hills come in all flavors, from the roar of motorcycles during the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to the quiet solitude of finding a nature rock bridge deep within the Black Hills National Forest. 

Special Interests

    Although many visitors come to the Black Hills for the scenery, there are many things to do besides gawking.

    We're the first to admit that some of the activities listed hereThe
                  Roosevelt Inn of Keystone, South Dakota are not for everyone, but it's nice to know this stuff is there for those who care. The top activities in the Black Hills are hiking, golf, fishing, boating, horseback riding, skiing, 4-wheeling, cycling and snowmobile riding. And, then there's motorcycle riding which for a week in August trumps everything else. But as you can see, the list of things to do is very long.

    So, if you have a special interest, you might find it listed here.  If your interest isn't listed, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. On the other hand, we've yet to find and sea-shell collectors here, so maybe it doesn't.  On the other hand, we have found fossilized sea-shells on mountain tops here!

    We also recognize that some of these activities represent "warring camps." Hikers, for instance, may be less than thrilled to be visited by ATV or dirt bike riders. But the Black Hills National Forest is big, more than 1.4 million acres and that doesn't include the state lands, national parks and nearby grasslands. And the various controlling bodies have developed land-use plans that are intended to keep all user groups happy. But these plans only work if everybody gets with the program.

    So we strongly urge users to learn and understand state, local and federal rules that may govern their planned activities. Those rules may go beyond what we can provide in this short guide.  An invaluable resource is the US Forest Service which has a visitor center just south of Rapid City on US16.  The kiosks at Custer State park are good source of information for that facility.

    Meanwhile there are plenty of on-line resources as the links below show.

Golf Fishing Hiking/Backpacking Cycling
Snow Mobiling Skiing Rock Collecting Western History
Gambling Rock Climbing Caving/spelunking Boating
Photography Gold Mining Horseback Riding Bird Watching
Aircraft Motorcycles Railroads ATV Riding
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