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Motorcycling on the Needles Highway in the Black Hills
The Black Hills has hundreds of miles of paved roads that are ideal for mototrcycle riding. This is a picture of the a section of the Needles Highway near the Cathedral Spries in Custer State park.

Motorcycles and The Black Hills

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    This may not surprise anybody who has  been to the Black Hills in the first week of August, but a lot of folks around here really love seeing the hills from the seat of a motorcycle.

     The 2013 Sturgis Motorcycle Races and Rally Week ( will be from August 4th to the 11th. This annual event is America's biggest motorcycle get-togethRoosevelt Inn of Keystone South Dakotaer and unless you've booked in advance, you'll probably have difficulty finding a place to stay within 200 miles. If you are not a fan of motorcycles, you may want to schedule your vacation some other time. During Rally Week, lodging is more expensive and the roads can become congested -- especially I90 between Rapid City and Sturgis.
     If you are a motorcycle buff, a visit to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum ( is probably a must. They have a nice collection of old Indians as well as some early Harleys.  Also, if you want to see even more ancient Indian motorcyles -- and old cars too -- you have to visit A&A Auto Salvage on Seger Drive in Rapid City. (No kidding!). Try this link for directions.

     Anytime, throughout the summer, is a good time to "ride the Hills". Spearfish Canyon is one popular ride, as well as the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway. But just about any paved road will do. We list some roads and their "driveability" on our On-Roading page.
     If dirt bikes are your thing, we can also point you toward some first-class nasty roads. More than 500 miles of forest service roads and trails that open to riding, some exclusively for dirt bikes. All areas of the Black Hills National Forest are closed to off-road riding, riders must stick to designated trails and have the appropriate USFS trail pass.

      Most riders bring their own motorcycles, some are even flown in from Europe and Asia, but rentals are available several locations.  Harleys are available from Black Hills Harley Davidson. Motorcycle tours can be arranged through Black Hills Motorcycle Tours who can also arrange motorcycle rentals too.

      Helmets are not required to ride a motorcycle in South Dakota as long as long as the rider is at least 18 years old. Riders must have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver's license, however.


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